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by Anthony Chiles

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Everything and nothing, all at once, Time stands still because time only exists in the present, And ideally, we would like to think we are who we say we are, But, more than likely, we're not, The things we do often don't align with the things that we would like to do, Our ideology and our actions are often as far apart as the star is from the earth, But that doesn't mean they don't affect each other, Just like Sun shines its rays down on the beautiful globe every day, What we intend to do shines light on our actions every single day, Ideally, we will live a life where who we are is who we wanna be, But until then, we're just striving to be the best we can, And that dissonance, That disconnect, That struggle, For harmony, For peace, Is ever present, It's a hard reality to accept that we aren't the people who we say we are, But it's an even harder reality to deny it, Nothing and everything, always present, always there, It's funny how science is really lining up with what spiritual leaders have been saying for eons, In that, we are made up of space, Even in between the atoms, It's just, it's nothing but space, And there's nothing connected, And at the same time, it is connected, And for some strange reason, We exist, In this paradigm, Where when nothing touches, but everything touches one another, Everything and nothing, all at once, And there's nothing better than acceptance, And realizing that the way things are are just the way things are, It is what it is, And there's no need to try and change it, Or try to make it anything different, Just accept, And live, Live in this moment, Live in this time, Live in this observation of the world that we know, Because everything else is outside of reality, And if we're not conscious, If we're not aware, Then, what does it mean, Maybe one day we will ascend to a place where we can be beings of a higher order, But until then, it's the best we've got, Everything and nothing, all at once.
I Wish 03:40
I wish. Really and truly and honestly, I wish. I wish I could tell you, that in the course of your lifetime, everything that you ever dream will come true. Your every desire, your every whim, your every hope, will become your reality. I wish I could tell you that every person that you meet, will have your best interest at heart. I wish I could tell you, that you won’t feel any pain, any heartbreak, or any loss. But I can’t. For if I did, I’d be a liar. And I will never lie to you. I will tell you the truth now: the world isn’t built for you, it’s not made for you, it’s chaos to you. As a matter of fact, through the course of your lifetime you will run into things that you never thought you would see. You will overcome hurdles, that you never thought you’d be able to overcome. And the reality is that there will be people who are malicious in their intent, and they will want to harm you. The reality is that there will be people who intent to do good, but will cause harm anyway. And I don’t say all this to scare you. I don’t say this to drive you away from pursuing your dreams, or going after those things that you know deep down in your heart you’re meant to do. I say this to remind you, that there’s a God who loves you. And there’s a father who loves you. And there’s a mother who loves you. And there’s a brother who loves you. And an uncle, and cousin, and a friend, and all of the people around you who want to see you, in the end, be everything that you have the potential to be. But it’s up to you to decide: will you overcome the inevitable. The inevitable heartbreak. The inevitable loss. The inevitable failure. I wish. I wish you. I wish you strength. Strength and courage. Strength and courage and perseverance. Strength and courage and perseverance. And most of all, I wish you love. See all the other things that you want, they will come, but not without a price. And not without heartache, heartbreak, and pain in this life. But I wish you perseverance, strength, wisdom and love. And I wish that everything you go for is for us, not for you. Let ego be your enemy, and let generosity be your friend. Put others first. Put yourself in their shoes before you do whatever you chose to do. Be selfless in your willingness to help. Be selfish in your willingness to love self. I wish you the best. I wish.


This is a living album. It is free. If you are inspired to donate, please head to my website ( and your donations will be passed on to Khan Academy. Thank you for your vibes.


released September 13, 2016


all rights reserved



Anthony Chiles Los Angeles, California

I'm a human, being the best I can, doing the best I can, and living the best I can.

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